• The ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship

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    Empowering innovative teachers to create solutions to problems in education.


    The ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship helps change-making teachers turn an idea into a sustainable and replicable “solution” in a supportive, small-group format. Over a span of ten months (September - June) our Fellows:




    Learn the “how-to” of turning an idea into a sustainable program through problem-solving, design and leadership skills.



    Build and launch your “solution” at your school with the support of your coach, peers and mentors.



    Connect with innovative teachers from across the US and develop lasting relationships.

  • Teacher Innovation Leadership Pathway

    A capacity-building program that serves both talent retention and school innovation in a virtuous circle of professional and organizational growth.


    Designed for schools, school networks and districts, TILP is a three-year teacher leadership development sequence for schools seeking to engage and retain high-performing, innovative teachers, develop an internal leadership pipeline, and establish an ongoing capacity to fix local problems with local solutions.

    Innovation 101

    Innovation 101

    Year One

    Introducing participants to innovation mindset, activating their problem-solving skills and aligning them with school goals.

    ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship

    Teacher Fellowship

    Year Two

    Engaging select teachers in the deep work of building an idea into a sustainable solution in their school community [see above].

    Near-Peer Mentoring

    Near-Peer Mentoring

    Year Three

    Channel learning and energies back into the innovation system by supporting peers at earlier stages.

  • TeachersBuilding Workshops

    A series of half-day and full-day hands-on experiences to build innovation and leadership capacity in your teachers. Each focuses on practical skills that teachers at different stages of knowledge and experience can put to use immediately.


    TeachersBuilding Workshops can be one-offs or offered as a series. They make a perfect lead-in for teachers interested in our Teacher Fellowship.

    TeachersBuilding 101

    An introduction to teacher-led innovation and the concept of intrapreneurship in schools. Builds self-awareness and context-awareness and identifies teacher innovation leadership traits to cultivate.

    TeachersBuilding: Let's Go!

    For teachers who are ready to start building solutions to problems in their school community. Builds knowledge and comfort with skills and core intrapreneurial concepts such as validated learning and user-centered design. Best offered as a two-part series.

    TeachersBuilding: Coaching

    On-site or online coaching sessions for individuals or teams building solutions at your school.

    TeachersBuilding: Mentor

    Building solutions is hard work and it helps to have support near by. In Mentor workshops, ImpactLab builds the capacity of experienced teacher innovators to become effective near-peer mentors to the next generation of teachers at their school.

  • "The ImpactLab Fellowship allows for a paradigm shift. Teachers can now lead the change."

    Lucas Elliott

    ImpactLab Teacher Fellow 2016-17

  • Core Beliefs

    The ideas that drive us

    Elevate the Practitioners
    In any industry it is the practitioners who have the deepest insights into problems, solutions and possibilities. K12 education is no exception.

    • Invest in Individuals

    Individuals aren't widgets. They are creative beings who without warning may see a path to new possibilities. We need to spark self-awareness and cultivate capacity and a sense of agency within individuals - a belief reflected in all ImpactLab does.

    • Diversity Required

    If we are going to manifest a more equitable and adaptive education system we need to engage the full spectrum of stakeholders in envisioning and executing that reality.

    • Connect & Collaborate

    Entrepreneurial-minded people are driven by definition. But individual drive on its own does not bring success. Innovators need support, guidance and a community of peers.

  • Who We Are


    John Raymond​


    "I've been working in K12 education as a teacher and entrepreneur for over 22 years. ImpactLab is the culmination of this experience in that we're leveraging the methods and mindset of entrepreneurship to drive innovation in schools. In a deep-dive fellowship model, ImpactLab helps a subset of teachers - those with powerful insights into new ways of doing education - turn their vision for change into sustainable, scalable and replicable programs at their school. You could say that we're an incubator for teacher intrapreneurs and the innovative solutions they create."


    Learn more about John.

    Board of Directors

    Seth Sather

    Director of Development

    The Long Center for the Performing Arts


    Lawrence D. Green




    Randy S. Ortega

    Municipal Court Prosecutor

    City of Austin


    Nicole Jarbo

    Director of Development

    Envision Education


    Molly Young

    Independent Education Consultant


    Qiana Patterson




    Alex Wykoff

    Interaction Designer



    Jessica Faith Carter

    University of Texas


    Ivy Le




    Jeff Levine



    Melissa Andrews


    University of Texas

  • Partners

    ImpactLab works with leading school networks and teacher programs across the US to develop and retain teacher talent. We provide strategic consultation and program design in teacher leadership and innovation.

    IDEA Public Schools
    Teach for America - Hartford
    KIPP Austin
    Teach for America - Eastern North Carolina
    Teach for America - Austin Alumni Network
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